Dice Eira

The Works of Dice Eira.

Dice Eira has a beautifully, but slightly eerie, art style that blends their Personal Pagan Beliefs with their Choctaw Heritage. Creating some of the most unique, personal, Altar and Ritual Art. 

Each piece is created during a Ritual State, as Dice channels their emotions and energy, to provide a healing touch to your space.

As Dice continues to grow their individual style, they've decided to take on a new approach. Merging their Pagan and Choctaw inspired Altars with their love of Scavenging for Antique and Vintage items. Bringing forth their new style, "Primitive Retakes Civilized", in an attempt to address the destruction brought onto Dice Eira's ancestors when the White Colonels first came to America. Frequently they referred to the Native peoples as "Primitive", "Uncivilized", and even "Savages". So know Dice aims to take these items of Colonial Vainity and give them a "Primitive" Takeover.