About Us

CityStreetVomit is a Queer, Eclectic, Artist Collective, located in the ports and forests of Washington State.
Together, we promote and encourage individual and group creativity.
Our passion is to calm the mind, allow a voice of expression for like-minded souls, and to create a safe-space community where we can freely be and express ourselves.



Dice Eira

The Creator
This Outlaw "Southern-Belle" crawled out from the sweltering, bluebonnet rich, cottonmouth cradled, flatlands found deep in the Heart Of Texas. Where they'd hide, high up, in the treetops of their cottonwood giant, drawing for hours, til the streetlights came on, and their name was called out. Now, Dice wanders and lurks the filmy mornings in the deeply rooted, endlessly coiled, thicketed forests of the PNW.
Fae're the Founder, and Original Artist, behind CityStreetVomit.
Dice founded CSV 7 years ago, under a different name - MotherOVRoot - and have since been vastly growing their personal art style to offer a highly unique, personalized, one of a kind look to the works that they do.
From Tattoos, to Jewelry, Fine Art Illustrations, and Personalized Altars with Custom Illustrated Skulls, Dice brings forth a beautifully, eerie, cross between their personal Pagan beliefs and their Choctaw heritage.


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Elim Garak


(Coming Soon)


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Amanda Moon


Originally from sunny Los Angeles and currently based in the wooded valley of the Pacific Northwest Peninsula, Amanda Moon, has been a jack of all trades from a young age. With a special interest in illustration, this gender non-conforming artist has used their love of plants, animals, and the macabre to inspire the work that they create.

Not tethered to a single medium, Amanda will utilize whatever one (or few) that suits their need. A few of their favorite mediums are: pencil, ink, watercolors, graphic design using Adobe softwares, embroidery, sewing, jewelry making, resin work, 3D art (as in sculptures), and larger scale installations, such as set design.


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Zoe Renee


Zoe (they/them) creates multi-media artwork and jewelry from their small apartment with the help of a fluffy forest cat named Bart. They grew up in the desert of Southern California, always having a deep love for the nature around them but yearning for a greener scenery. After months of traveling and wwoofing with their partner many years ago, Zoe began creating wire-wrapped jewelry utilizing pieces that they had accumulated along the way. The majority of their pieces utilize found objects, including bones, stones/crystals, shells, and dried plants and fungi.

They are passionate about mental health advocacy, ecology, and the dismantling of oppressive systems in all forms.


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If you are interested in collaborating with or commissioning any of our artists, please contact one or all of us through our website's secure message portal by clicking here.